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Yaoi Pimp

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Name : Tachibana An
Grade : Year 2
Birthday : 6/28
Blood Type : O

Working in association with Yaoi!Fans everywhere to provide them with the
!Crack they need to feed their addictions.

An affiliate of MBK. Fear the Fan!Girl

OOC Notes:: Ann started out as a cracked on the spur of the moment character drawn out to help torment the boys of TPY RP. Thus far I've done nothing but totally spin her off the top of my head as a willful but lovable brat who took to chasing boys because of one bad run in with what she thought was the boy of her dreams.

This journal is the only one she's publically acknowledged (It's horribly out of character for her and that is the way she means for it to be) or shown to any of her family and friends but Ann (because she's not as flighty and ditzy as she likes to make herself appear lately) does indeed have a personal and private journal that no one save she has access to.

That journal may be found here at fudomine_tenshi

With the birth of Dream Sequence comes the arrival of a new twist to Ann's story. ^_________^